cadWeazle trike is a three-wheeled version of our cadWeazle Slim and designed to be easily pushed on any terrain. This creates a very relaxed outdoor experience, perfect for grandparents and their grandchildren or wheelchair users and their attendants. It is ideally used by people weighing below 70 kg. For heavier pilots we strongly recommend our powered model cadWeazle Energy.

The idea is very simple: The wheelchair’s standard wheels are quickly replaced with our huge balloon wheels, ideally right by the beach side. This process is easy and does not require any special knowledge or skills. The wheels will go onto the same axles as the standard wheels.

Additionally, one support arm equipped with a third ballon wheel reaches out from the frontside of the vehicle to provide more widespread weight support. Moving the chair forward becomes very easy all of the sudden. The extra arm replaces the two small frontside standard wheels for the duration of the excursion. So within seconds you have completely modified your wheelchair to go off road and conquer never before imagined areas.

In order to mount this third wheel up front we strongly recommend sending the to-be-equipped wheel chair to us so we can personally adjust the axle support here in our workshop. This extra bar fortifies the integrity of the chair and allows for easy mounting of the front arm. We then send the cadWeazle Trike kit  back to you along with the modified wheel chair.

It is recommended to use chairs that are not used as main chair - though our modification kits will never rust, most wheel chairs are not fully protected against corrosion. And it would be sad if a high quality chair is starting to rust. Please use a backup chair for your beach endeavours.

cadWeazle Trike

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