cadWeazle Slim

cadWeazle Slim is a balloon wheel modification kit that allows you to turn a common wheelchair into an off road capable vehicle within seconds. It is ideal for children or people with a body weight below 70 kg (125 lbs). For heavier passengers we strongly recommend our powered models such as cadWeazle Energy - for hassle-free outdoor experiences.

The concept is as genuine as it is simple:

Simply take off the wheelchair's standard wheels and replace them with the mighty balloon wheels ideally right on a nearby parking lot. They are easily assembled on the preexisting axles just like the narrow standard wheels. Consequently neither tools nor special knowledge are required to be able to enjoy cadWeazle Slim.

Afterwards simply tip the "off road vehicle" back a notch and let the adventure begin: beaches, mudflats, fields, forests and snow are awaiting you. When you are finished for the day easily take the balloon wheels off again and mount the standard wheels. You will have your old wheelchair back in seconds and better yet you will have made a lot of beautiful experiences in the outdoors. For this we recommend using a backup wheelchair as many chairs are not as corrosion protected as they should be. The cadweazle Slim kit will never rust, but the wheelchair it is attached to might, so please use a model that is not primarily used during the day, unless it can handle the environments you are about to embark into.

cadWeazle Slim is our most inexpensive cadWeazle and together with cadWeazle Trike a great chance to look into the world of unlimited freedom that is in store for you.

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