The environment is not only strained by emissions and residues but also by noises and distracting sounds. When we developed cadWeazle we paid great attention to the fact that people and animals around you should not be bothered by its our your presence in any way.

cadWeazle moves incredibly silent, not even shy horses are scared away. The respective video to the picture can be found on our videopage.

Ornithological field stations and harbour seal colonies can now be closely observed. In fact, wouldn’t it be great to see a sun bathing seal family from only a few steps away without scaring them off?

It happens just like that every day on the North Sea island of Fanö: Young and old rediscover nature and are purely amazed when observing shy animals from close distances! cadWeazle lets you do exactly that.


The silent secret lies in its manufacturing. Its premium components let no audible sound escape the inside of the engines. Your fellow hikers can easily enjoy nature with all its colors and sounds. After all, that is why you yourself went out in the first place isn’t it?


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