Framework & seat

A corrosion-resistant framework made from high quality aluminum is truly the backbone of any cadWeazle. Furthermore the ultra violet- resistant synthetics of the seat guarantee long lasting color and product satisfaction.

We have equipped cadWeazle with various security mechanisms to protect you during your adventures:

A foot belt and a 4 point belt harness as well as a standard seat belt give you different opportunities to secure yourself in your seat. Furthermore cadWeazle features detachable yet very comfortable back and seat cushions for maximum relaxation.

Pivoting arm rests allow for easy access to the seat, thus cadWeazle is ideally suited for people of any age and especially wheel chair users. And cadWeazle’s modern design will let people around you turn their heads in jealousy.

Last but not least, cadWeazle was specifically designed to prevail in areas normally hazardous to machines and metals. Therefore cadWeazle’s non electronic components will withstand harsh conditions as well as sand and salt water resulting in a much longer lifespan and consequently a secured investment in your future. The electronics are safely housed within the cadWeazle chassis.

We believe in quality!

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