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General info:

What is cadWeazle Energy?

cadWeazle Energy is a joy stick controlled beach and off road vehicle,

powered by two strong battery driven engines. Its huge balloon

wheels allow cadWeazle and its user to move across a wide array of

difficult terrains such as beaches, mudflats, woods etc.

If you want to find out more about the different areas please check

“application range”

For whom was cadWeazle Energy designed?

cadWeazle Energy was designed for all those who are looking for a comfortable and mobile solution to experience nature without harming or affecting the environment. Examples may be nature fans who – due to their age or endurance – are no longer able to take in long trips and outdoor tours. People who experienced a grave accident or people who are somewhat limited in their body abilities will also cherish cadWeazle for it gives them a chance to go back to nature on their own. Moving in difficult terrain has now become a universal standard!

Due to the way cadWeazle works it is exceptionally well suited for ornithologists, animal friends, hunters, foresters, farmers and zoologists who are now able to approach animals with a never-before-imagined degree of proximity. This allows you to observe harbour seal colonies from only feet away or even follow animal herds inconspicuously. Find out more on our “Environment” page.


General info

Legal aspects


Output power



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Legal aspects:

Please note that the following legal aspects apply to German law i.e. Germany. They may differ in your country so if in doubt please contact your local authorities to find out if cadWeazle must meet specific demands in your area in order to be used in protected areas.

Will I need a driver’s license / a special permission / an insurance to use cadWeazle?

No. cadWeazle does not require driver’s license, permission nor insurance. Insurances may be useful but not mandatory for the use of cadWeazle Energy.

Is there a minimal age required to pilot cadWeazle?

No, even children can control cadWeazle effortlessly and do not need any specific forms or  permissions to do so. However due to its considerable speed and acceleration we advise our customers to not let kids use cadWeazle without permission.

What legal obligations do I have to keep in mind when using cadWeazle Energy? 

Please avoid public roads and main traffic routes. cadWeazle will pose a severe traffic obstacle as its maximum speed maxes at 6 km/h (3.7 mph). It was specifically designed to be used off road where other vehicles can not go. And it is exactly there cadWeazle feels at home.

Do I need to wear a helmet or any other kind of protection?

No, cadWeazle does not require any kind of body protection. A foot belt as well as a 4 point belt harness and a standard seat belt safely secure the driver in its seat. You are of course welcome to use additional protection if you feel it is necessary.

Can I use cadWeazle in nature protection areas?

Yes you may. Although cadWeazle may only be used in the area „Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer “ at the moment, it will be given permission to enter others as well. This is mainly based on the fact that cadWeazle is very clean and silent, therefore non harmful for these areas.

Environment protection:

So how clean is cadWeazle? What about emissions, gas and oil usage?

cadWeazle energy is one of the most environment-friendly vehicles of our time. It does not need any oil, gas or diesel to operate. Instead it runs 100% on battery energy. Not a single gram of CO2 is produced. cadWeazle needs to be charged in an outlet after usage, however the amount of emerging emissions does not even come close to one short drive with your usual car. Should you decide to obtain the additional solar roof cadWeazle’s batteries will charge while out on tour. No more worries about the environment. Find out more about the solar roof here.

How do cadWeazle’s components affect our environment?

cadWeazle consists of tough & rustproof premium components such as anodized aluminum and recyclable synthetics resulting in a very long lifespan. Even years after purchase some of our customer’s cadWeazle still look and move great!

A vehicle that is around that long automatically protects the environment for it does not require any replacement vehicle for a long time and its owner can still be happy. Quality instead of quantity!



I don’t like beaches I want to go to different areas.

What other areas can cadWeazle handle?

Many! cadWeazle has been successfully used in areas such as mudflats, snowy hills, fields, woods, mountains, deserts, steppes, tundras, salt lakes, tropes and so on. In principle any place where one could only gain access on foot i.e. where other vehicles would get stuck.

Can I go swimming with cadWeazle?

No. cadWeazle is exceptionally well protected from splash water but due to its electronic components it may never be submerged or used as swimming assistance.

I am owner of an amusement park / a zoo / a spa / a holiday home administration, how can cadWeazle improve my business?

One or more cadWeazle in your fleet will make your business a true pioneer in many ways:

In today’s world handicapped accessible institutions and programs become more and more important. cadWeazle allows you to be able to offer your great programs to bodily limited customers as well and grant them these hours of freedom they will never forget! The same applies to people who might not be as strong and enduring any more but who still want to participate in outdoor activities that may last longer than 30 minutes. In fact there is no other vehicle that could compare to cadWeazle’s offroad qualities in its class or size.

A holiday home administration on a beach may very well become the next dream location for wheel chair users and their assistants if it can offer a solution to include mobility impaired customers in their program not only those with healthy legs. This will not only increase your revenues and amortize cadWeazle in no time, it will also help improve your business’ reputation as a socially responsible role model of fairness, especially if you are the first one to offer cadWeazle in your area.

People on vacation do not want to sit around in a holiday house all day long when they have the chance to experience a beautiful landscape or a wild coastline only a few feet away. Especially if family and friends are with them their biggest wish is to just forget about any mobility problems for a day or two and just be free! And that is exactly what cadWeazle will accomplish for them, for you.

This of course applies to any other type of recreational business as well such as theme parks, nature areas, holiday grounds and so on.

Can I conquer sidewalk curbs using cadWeazle?

Although we do not recommend to make a habit out of it cadWeazle is well able to deal with curbs and sidewalks. It finally depends on the height to conquer so obviously it will only work to a certain extent.

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Output power:

How much power does cadWeazle Energy have?

cadWeazle Energy operates with 600 Watts power and is therefore nearly unstoppable no matter on which terrain.

How fast is cadWeazle Energy? 

cadWeazle Energy’s speed is controllable in 5 easy Steps. It will go up to 6 km/h (3.7 mph) which is noticeably faster than average walking speed. Yet cadWeazle requires no license nor permission to be used. You can find out more about the legal issues under “legal aspects”.

How far will cadWeazle take me?

This unfortunately cannot be answered in general. It greatly depends on tire pressure, pilot’s behavior and especially terrain conditions. cadWeazle’s solar roof can greatly expand your range, making cadWeazle travel up to 50 km with ideal conditions. Breaks in between will help spare batteries and let the solar roof recharge them partly.


How can I increase cadWeazle’s range?

Our solar roof turns your cadWeazle Energy into cadWeazle Solar. Not only does it provide you with protection against sun and rain it noticeably increases cadWeazle’s range while decreasing recharge time in the outlet over night.

I am looking for customizations.

Are there special cadWeazle models beyond Energy & Solar?

Your mind sets the limit for your cadWeazle should fit your needs and demands 100%. From foot controls, rim protection, cane holding mechanism, GPS, trailer hitch – nothing is impossible with cadWeazle custom. Check it out here

I want to use cadWeazle to transport items or my dog, is that possible?

Sure. Our cadWeazle Trailer can be sized and equipped to meet your demands. We are working on an extra page for the trailer, coming soon. 

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