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cadWeazle Energy - Videos

Welcome to cadWeazle Energy’s & Solar’s videopage. Please choose your desired video category on the bottom by clicking on the play arrow of the respective topic. If available you will see a little “HQ” button at the bottom of the video window to show the video in a higher solution.

cadWeazle & beaches

Here we want to demonstrate you cadWeazle in its favorite environment: beaches and mudflats. Witness how effortless cadWeazle lets its user take part in a mudflat hiking trip in the North Sea – a task never before tackled by a civilian vehicle.

© 2009 Brügmann & Freyermuth OHG

cadWeazle & animals

These videos show cadWeazle in close proximity to Ramadi (a shy horse). Since cadWeazle is completely silent and moves smoothly across the rough terrain Ramadi is completely relaxed and far from being frightened. Horse specialists will agree that most vehicles tend to do the opposite with horses.

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cadWeazle Energy