Premium control electronics by “Dynamic“ complete your comfortable ride experience. Tip the joy stick forwards or backwards to move cadWeazle or tilt it to the sides to steer cadWeazle left and right. 5 different speed 'gears' as well as a warning horn can be found in the upper section of the control panel. A battery display keeps you updated on cadWeazle's battery life so that there will not be any bad surprises on the way.

All handling values are adjustable. This lets you set the amount of acceleration as well as brake and steering dynamics. A seat adjust option is already  integrated in the panel  and

may be used with special chairs to automatically set your seat's height, tilt angle and much more. Contact us for more information on special models.

cadWeazle's control panel can easily be reached on the outer end of your right arm rest. However we have mounted the control panel on many other locations for various customers such as the foot rest. This allowed cadWeazle's user to control it with his feet. This is especially important for wheelchair users some of whom have problems moving their arms at all.

To learn more about special designs go to “cadWeazle Custom“

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